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Wood Blinds


Looking for some interior pieces that have an earthy feel? Then custom wood blinds are the way to go. These custom design wood blinds are the perfect choice for many rooms due to their versatility, the wood style is a perfect blend for a number of interior designs.

designed by Vancouver’s top BLIND experts

A popular use for them is as living room blinds. With the customizations that can be done, they will make your space feel charming and welcoming with ease.

Why you should say yes to wood blinds

Besides the great look, wood blinds offer a lot of amazing benefits for you, such as: Customization, Quality and resistance, Eco-friendly. Having the ability to create a design that’s perfect for your unique home adds a benefit that can top just about any other available blinds. The feeling of sitting in a room that you had a hand in creating is all the more satisfying. You know what’s best for your home, so why let someone decide?

All of our blinds are made with care and the very best materials to ensure that your purchase will last for years to come. We want you to have your dream space for as long as you desire — these are the ideas we think about while creating our products.

We also take pride and creating products that not only help our customers, but help out our home, Earth. Both horizontal blinds and vertical blinds offer great eco benefits, since they work as a natural way to insulate your home, keeping it cooler on hot days and helping to keep the heat inside when it is cold outside.

Horizontal or vertical wooden blinds?

  • Vertical wooden blinds: great for wide window panes or doors
  • Horizontal wooden blinds: available in many sizes, making them a great option for customized wooden blinds

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