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Custom Shades for Custom Lives

Sunburst Shutters & Closets, and Window Fashions brings you the final word in shades, offering wide selections to match your personal eye. Choose from a warm, tropical look, cellular shades for subtle elegance, or pleated shades for classic luxury. With valances and borders, upgrade your home to the latest and greatest class.


Sunburst Shutters & Closets’ premium line of roman, roller, cell, vertical, cellular, and sheer shades allow you to customize your window fashion to your liking. These shades come in a myriad of colours and options and can be upgraded with accessories to make your home look breathtaking without sacrificing functionality.

Take a look at our list of benefits that come with the Sunburst name:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Light blocking up to 99.9%
  • Light filtering privacy liner
  • Day/night options
  • Top down/bottom up control system
  • Quality materials and parts for longevity
  • Products catering to all budgets
  • Available in options of cordless, with cord or motorized
  • Numerous options for colours, materials, and textures
  • Hold down brackets to prevent shades from swaying

Roman shade products cover a range from contemporary to classic, adding character and personality to your home. Select from numerous options on your shades:

  • Light control – anything from sheer fabric to room darkening
  • Flat or hobbled profiles
  • Fabric selections and patterns
  • Available in options of cordless, with cord or motorized
  • Top down/bottom up systems

Roman shades have been around for centuries and are great for their timeless style, which tends not to cycle in and out of popularity with the most recent trends, making it great for a long-term shade that continues to deliver on its value over time.


Spice up your living space with bold, modern colours and patterns that fit any style. From orange to blue and any color between, these shades infuse your windows with character, functionality, and light control.

Check out our honeycomb shade options:

  • Popular colours and textures
  • Great, for energy efficiency
  • Multiple choices for sizes
  • Variety of choosing different cells for temperature control
  • Skylight Application (available in motorized or manual)
  • Available in options of cordless, with cord or motorized


Bring class, simplicity, and practicality to your home. Out of all window shade choices, roller shades and panel track shades are not only popular but practical. While roller shades are simple, it does not come at the cost of functionality. Roller shades control light as well as any other window treatment options and help to assist in maintaining a constant level temperature inside your home throughout the year. For further functionality, blackout roller shades(which are made out of thicker material) have greater sound absorption qualities than other types of window shades, which helps minimize the level of sound penetrating into a room.

At Sunburst Shutters & Closets, our roller and panel track shade options include a dizzying stock of fabric options, natural fibers, and textured materials. Choose from varying levels of privacy and light control, dozens of colours and textures, valances, fringe, and trim options, and numerous hem profiles. Options include:

  • Popular weaves, colours and textures – available in GREENGUARD approved fabrics
  • Most fabrics available as sliding panel track shades
  • Sunscreen roller shade cloth available from 1% – 14% open including blackout
  • Available in options of cordless, with cord or motorized

While operation of roller shades has not changed much over the years, roller shades have held up in window fashion. Due to its simple functionality and timeless but sophisticated appearance, roller shades are always among the top of window fashions. They are a window treatment that never goes out of style and easily matches any style of home decor.


For subtlety and aesthetic appeal, sheer window shades are the option of choice. The unique design of sheer window shades allows you to control your view of the world. When fully closed, these soft fabric vanes diffuse sunlight and provide privacy. When opened, the sheer backing offers a veiled but luminous vista. This offers absolute beauty that sacrifices none of the functionality for the aesthetic.

Our sheer window shade features:

  • Wide assortment of colours and textures
  • Multiple fabric colours available
  • Horizontal or vertical vanes
  • Available in options of cordless, with cord or motorized

Sheer shades are dynamic and versatile in their application. There’s no need to choose between light and privacy, with sheer shades, you can easily have both.

The basic beauty of sheer shades is complemented by the classy sophistication that sheer shades provide. It allows a breezy, soft, and airy aesthetic that gives a relaxing feeling to homes, so it is perfect for living spaces and bedrooms.

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