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Wood Shutters

Custom Wood shutters designed by Vancouver’s top experts

Wood Shutters


Sunburst Shutters and Closets’ Wood Shutters offer buyers incredible durability, energy efficiency, and a natural, timeless aesthetic. Environmentalists will appreciate Sunburst’s ecological commitments in building these shutters. Wood Shutters are made from select North American Hardwoods and manufactured with green ideals in mind, employing sound forestry techniques, and recycling sawdust and wood shavings.

Wood shutters come in a range of colours and finishes to please any design taste. Mahogany and walnut shutters add a touch of warmth to any space while maintaining classic finishes that pair well with many aesthetics. White wood shutters complete a bright or beachy aesthetic and are ideal for airy kitchens and family rooms. In addition to these options, buyers can also customize paint and stain options to fit their interior design vision.

In addition to sleek finishes, the Wood Shutters can boost the appearance of any room by allowing in ample sunlight. Sunburst Wood Shutters allows clients full control over how much light fills each room while also boasting a reliable light-blocking technology that makes these window treatments perfect for evening and nighttime spaces. Homeowners can also optimize their heating plan by taking advantage of the insulation provided by the shutters that help keep warmth in during the winter.


What to expect with Wood Shutters?


A major highlight of Wood Shutters is their unsurpassed durability. These window treatments are easy to maintain and are not threatened by clawing pets or toddling children the way other window treatments may be. Built to be resilient in warmer, coastal climates these shutters are guaranteed to last the test of time.

Bonus accessories also optimize shutter functionality over time. Concealed louvre tension adjusters make light adjustment efficient while not sacrificing a touch of style or sleekness. The choice between traditional centre tilt or offset tilt rods lets clients have control over their aesthetic. Homeowners can choose from a variety of louvre size options including 4.5 inches for maximum view and minimum cleaning, 3.5 inches traditional plantation size and 2.5 inches California style.

If the quality and masterful engineering of the Wood Shutters aren’t enough to convince you our solutions are right for you, Sunburst’s acclaimed client service will! On top of excellent quality, Sunburst Shutters and Closets holds itself to the highest standard of service, a commitment that is reflected in its glowing reviews. From the first consultation to the installation, the expertise and enthusiasm of Sunburst staff will put any home-owner at ease.

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