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Closet Organizer

At Sunburst Shutters, Blinds & Closets, we feature our own fully customizable Lifestyle Closet Organizers. From single entrepreneurs to large families, we can create a closet organizer perfect for you. Don’t get overwhelmed with stuff. Keep everything on-hand for when you need it, and neatly tucked away for when you don’t. Need some inspiration? Our courteous team is always here to help.

Is your family growing? Many young professionals quickly run out of space in today’s condos. A closet organizer can help you optimize your living space while ensuring that the appearance of your home is kept neat and tidy. A closet organizer is a great way to keep the kitchen pantry in order for families of any size. If you’re concerned about the customization process, we’re happy to provide a consultation to walk you through installation.

Single professional? A great way to create a live/work space is through a customizable closet organizer. Tidy your clutter and keep your wardrobe looking its best. Lucky suits and comfortable shoes should be kept in tact for last minute meetings and power lunches. Don’t waste valuable time in the morning looking for the right top to go with your shoes. Keep up appearances in everything you do.

Renovating? If you’re converting a den or room into a walk-in closet, consult with Sunburst Shutters to optimize your space. Whether you’re going for elegance or function, we’re here to help. We will build your closet organizer with long term value in mind.

Closet Organizers allow you freedom in how you can sort, store, and find all your items. With added organizers, the benefit is that it helps you quickly locate what you are looking for.  With the proper closet organizers, discover a life that’s simpler and more organized with all the style of your personality. Contact us today!


closet organizer


Pleated Shades

Spice up your living space with bold, modern colors and pleated shades patterns that fit any style. From orange to blue and any color between, these shades infuse your windows with character, functionality, and light control.

Check out our shade options:

  • Popular colours and textures
  • Liners available for increased privacy or total blackout
  • Top Down / Bottom Up option
  • Automation available

Pleated shades integrate the elegance and appeal of cellulars while boasting affordable pricing. Unlike cellulars, though, it utilize a single, constant fabric layer to control incoming light, folding away neatly when you need it gone to allow you full access to your window view. Pleated shades are a popular blind choice for many different windows, including conservatory roofing systems, and offer heat insulation to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Combined with the wide selection of colors, pleated blind shades are an easy fit for any style.

For more information, contact our team to see if pleated blinds are for you!


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