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Treat Your Window With Shutters to Create an Open Feeling

Decorating a home can be difficult. Everything from the floor to the ceiling and to the walls are expected to harmonize and capture the “exact feel” you want. The type of materials, colors, along with many factors are carefully considered so that there will be no...

Shutter, Shades, and Blinds – Oh my!

When it comes to decorating your home, what do you think of first? Is it new furniture, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, what kind of floor will suit you best? It’s easy to be overwhelmed, and you may not think about a detail that affects a lot more than just the...

5 ways having an organized closet can improve your life

The smallest things often have a massive impact on our life. Organization is a subtle yet vital part of living your life to the fullest. However, it is something that often gets tossed aside when our busy lives take over. Organizing can help improve your life by...

How To Recycle Blinds

For those who love to decorate it’s time to give your house a little love and freshen it up. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in some new blinds. However, you may be wondering what to do with the ones you’ve already got. Should you throw them away, or is...

Tips to Consider When Buying Blinds for Doors

Adding windows to your home is the best way to make a small space feel bigger, and adding natural light to a space can increase a home’s natural beauty without doing much at all. You’ll quickly find though that the tradeoff is in privacy. Doors with large windows in...

5 ways your windows can help your home stay cool in the summer

With summer in full throttle, and energy bills rising, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help bring down the costs of living in the hottest months of the year. Did you know that your windows are a main point in your home that can either make your...


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Custom Closets

Sunburst Shutters specialize in the following custom closets and storage options:

Walk-in Closets:
A well-developed walk-in closet room not only adds organizational structure to your home that helps you with your everyday life but also adds personality and style to your home. The main benefit of a walk-in closet is the amount of access it has. You can reach all of your clothes, ensuring that you never forget about that pair of pants that you bought long ago and loved. It keeps you organized and your things accessible. Check out our gallery of custom closets for some inspiration.

Reach in Closets:
Reach in closets are highly customizable storage spaces that are similar to walk-in closets.
One of the benefits of a reach-in closets system is its ability to be adapted. As your storage needs change, you can alter the configuration of the system, moving racks to places where you need them. These custom closets are a great option for growing families.

Entry / Mud Room:
Entry spaces are the first place that a person sees when they walk into your home. Chances are, you pass through it every day on your way to work and when you get back home, so keeping it functional and aesthetically pleasing is a good investment. Equip your entry room with the appropriate shoe racks and coat closets to store everything you need when you’re on your way.

For those who want a mud room, we can help design a space that lets you store all your rain gear before entering your home. The result is improved cleanliness during those rainy or snowy days, and a smooth transition from the outdoors into the warm, cozy indoors.

Specialty Storage:
For specialty organization solutions, Sunburst offers a unique approach in transforming your home to maximize storage space even in places that usually cannot be turned into living spaces. Through our professional design team, we want to efficiently maximize your space, allowing you greater ease in your quality of life.

Storage space is essential for a Vancouver home, and the right storage space can add a unique aesthetic appeal that calls to a person’s personality. Combining functionality and expression, closet spaces simply boost a home’s appeal and helps ease your everyday tasks while still looking stylish.

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