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Closet Storage

For specialty organization solutions, Sunburst offers a unique approach in transforming your home to maximize closet storage space, even in places that usually cannot be turned into living spaces. Through our professional design team, we want to efficiently maximize your closet space, allowing you greater ease in your quality of life.

For instance, when you need a place for wine storage, we can help you create a pantry that’s complete with roll-out wine racks, roller baskets, custom-sized compartments and much more. Keep everything on-hand for when you need it, and neatly tucked away for when you don’t.

At Sunburst Shutters & Closets, we know how to turn spaces into ones that have multiple purposes so that, even in smaller homes, you can still have enough space to keep your things organized. If you’re concerned about the customization process, we’re happy to provide a consultation to walk you through installation.

Single professional? A great way to create a live/work space is through closet storage. Tidy your clutter and keep your wardrobe looking its best. Seasonal outfits or housewares should be protected and taken out at the appropriate time looking pristine.

Renovating or upgrading your home. Often times we acquire a lot of stuff that easily turns into clutter. Simply using closet storage to organize your things can breathe new life into your living space. Closet storage can optimize your living space while greatly improving the appearance of the interior of your home. Whether you’re going for elegance or function, we’re here to help. We will create your closet storage with long term value in mind.

Need some inspiration? Our courteous team is always here to help.

The beauty of our personalized closet storage service is our versatility, we are able to create custom closet organizers for the following:

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